We help teams and leaders to develop the trust, communications skills and practices that lead to great work. In every sector, Creative Ground helps:

  • Diagnose and address sources of health as well as conflict and dysfunction
  • Create the trust, safety and inclusion that humans need to work well together
  • Develop more effective leadership and communication skills
  • Balance the intelligence of the brain with that of the heart
  • Unleash the imagination to solve problems in new ways
  • Build the workplace conditions for healthy risk-taking and innovation
  • Assess power disparities in the workplace and facilitate new practices to support change

Our Services. Client testimonials say it best.

“The work that we did with Creative Ground forced us to looks at ourselves and hold each other accountable to how we show up and community with each other.  It’s not easy!  But doing it has opened up new channels of communication; people have conversations with each other instead of grousing or disengaging.  This process has allowed people to bring their authentic selves to work, and showed us how to make our office a more open and welcoming place to all.”

                       –Michael Jacobsen, Deputy Director, King County Office of Performance, Strategy & Budget

“Creative Ground triggered major change in our team by providing a safe place and encouraging honest discussion without destructive judgment.  We felt heard and it gave us the courage to acknowledge our own voice in a manner that was constructive to the team as well as to us as individuals.  They helped us remember we all have something to contribute.  We all have the same goals in mind.  Further, we all have a voice in whatever success we realize.  We so appreciate their help in putting us all back on track that is not only successful but filled with continual learning, openness and fun.”

                       –Michael Lowe, Seattle Center, McCaw Hall Facility Lead

“We worked with Creative Ground over several productive months when I took over a section of Metro transit that was struggling with trust and communication issues, amongst other things.  Her team developed an inclusive program for our 60+ person team, gathered information through interviews and surveys, rapidly assessed core organizational and personality concerns and put together a plan to address those. Lisa is an insightful, compassionate truth teller who will provide useful feedback and tools.  She truly cares yet she’ll tell you what she sees, not necessarily what you want to hear.  If you are willing to see and acknowledge the true state of affairs, and buy into a plan you’ll jointly develop to address areas of concern, you’ll not be disappointed. From organizational development, to executive coach, or anywhere in between, Creative Ground provides a positive view of personal, staff, or organizational challenges and an achievable path forward to improvement..”

      –Peter Melin, previous Manager, King County Transit Design & Construction

“As a leadership coach, Lisa has shown me how to wrestle with competing forces–even the ones I had labeled irreconcilable.  With her support and guidance, I have found ways to energize inside of conflict, whether it be actual “on the ground” issues, or the sparring of my own internal demons and better angels.  I am finding ways to cast off the archetypes of traditional leadership in favor of expressing myself genuinely.  And my team, my whole organization, for that matter, is refreshingly responsive.  Lisa is interwoven grace and tenacity; equal parts gunnery sergeant and zen master.” 

      –Rob Gannon, King County Transit General Manager

Lisa is an excellent facilitator, particularly gifted at helping groups of people navigate through fraught situations. She has an uncanny ability to ferret out a source of tension then adeptly address the anxiety, resentment, or dissatisfaction in a way that does not accuse, shame, or lay blame on any individual.  Lisa’s calm and generous demeanor conveys to groups wrestling with difficult situations an optimism that inspires people  to work together on finding a way forward that includes everyone. This is precisely the skill we most need in our world now, as our culture grapples with problems that call for adaptive rather than technical solutions. 

        Tree Swenson, Hugo House

 “Creative Ground’s work with their clients exemplifies the creative habits they are trying to in us, particularly tolerance for ambiguity, challenging assumptions, risk-taking, self-reflection and persistence. Their approach to designing and implementing projects allows for a truly creative collaboration between their vision and that of their client’s to achieve the greatest possible impact.

      –Michele Finnegan, Director of Finance, Seattle Parks & Recreation

“Wow.  The feedback from the retreat has been absolutely astounding.  I have never seen the like.  It appears to have been a genuinely moving experience for our folks.  The mandate of forging deeper and new connections to each other, to the institution, and to the cause appears to have been fulfilled, in spades.  Astoundingly good work.”

–Andreas Merkl, CEO, Ocean Conservancy

“Deborah Salas and Ella Andrews with Creative Ground did a phenomenal job moderating our retreat.  They not only met our retreat goals, they invented practical and totally custom tools for us to take home and put into practice, all while creating an amazing, memorable experience.  We just hired them for the third time!  I would recommend them to anyone who wants a retreat that is beyond the ordinary and above the bar.”

–Tre’ Maxie, Aspen Institute, Director of Youth and EngagementDebo

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