King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks and Seattle-King County Public Health

These two public agencies needed to work more closely together on how to implement the new directives coming from the federal government for the Lower Duwamish Clean-up.  There was  a history of fractured communication between staff of the two agencies.  Leadership from both agencies asked Creative Ground to help find more cohesion and trust between key staff to better support their essential public mission.  The work resulted in an improved and sustained team dynamic that is supporting everyone to more effectively address their responsibilities as stewards of this important public resource.

“Creative Ground’s unique facilitation and problem-solving skills quickly got to the heart of some misperceptions and trust issues that were creating obstacles between two organizations here. In a focused, engaging and non-judgmental way, they helped both sides own up to blind spots and challenge their assumptions, leading to improved understanding, trust and respect, and better collaboration.”

–Christie True, Director, King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks


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