There seems to be consensus…

There seems to be consensus…

Last spring IBM released a study conducted with over 1,500 CEOs representing over 60 countries and 33 industries across the globe.   They cited creativity as the single most important factor for success, at every level of an organization, in the coming decades.

What we really appreciated was how the press release listed the seven habits of creative leaders – lo and behold they align almost perfectly with the 8 creative habits of mind we teach and draw from in every project we facilitate.

Significant complexity, the accelerated pace of change, and unheralded inter-connectivity define the world we now inhabit.  Our way forward is with laser focus on mastering creative practice.

  • Our team at Creative Ground has developed curriculum in creative practice for groups of 100 and teams of 10.
  • We’ve catalyzed the creative capacities of organizations before beginning planning processes, leading to more expansive vision and strategic direction.
  • And we’ve introduced creative practice as a way to revitalize staff dynamics and cohesion in just one, day-long session.

To start a dialogue about how Creative Ground can help you locate, flex and strengthen your creative muscles and support transformation in your team or organization, contact:

For more information about the global CEO study, link to:

Lisa Fitzhugh

As Founding Partner of Creative Ground, Lisa's work activates healthier, thriving people and teams. She is also the Founder and previous Executive Director of Arts Corps, an award-winning program combining arts learning and social change.

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