“As a thirty-year employee and seasoned director of a large public sector organization, I feel the need to stay fresh and relevant in my role.  Concurrently, I am motivated to explore what else is out there for me beyond the day job.  My work with Creative Ground has helped me with both paths: I am relearning what my role as a leader is all about, vulnerabilities and all, and how that can support the leadership of everyone around me; and I am reconnecting with who I am and what is truly important.  It is hard work, the journey is fascinating, and I love it.”

—Director, Department within Regional Government, WA State


“If you have a stake in renewing organizational vitality, fostering creativity and empowering innovation, initiate a conversation with Creative Ground. Their penetrating insight into creative processes help participants to break away the cerebral cartilage holding back organizational change. Their insights, examples and observations are invaluable to anyone leading an organization”

–Rich Simmonds, Co-Founder, Pacific Family Business Institute


“My  work with Creative Ground  has been eye opening and invigorating.  Working with them has allowed both our team and I to confront old paradigms of how we operate.  It has also allowed us to reach closer to our highest potential  for work and leadership.  The outcomes have been stunning for our team and myself. As a team we have a better sense  and a greater understanding of the shifting landscape and how each  of us can bring our own strengths to the process of changing how we go about our business.  For me personally, I have found new ways of thinking about my strengths as a leader to reach new heights.  I could not be more pleased with the work of Creative Ground to bring us to these new levels of  awareness and reflection. The end result has been an ability for me individually and our team to meet the pressures of the seismic shifts within our working landscape.”

–Ed Zuckerman, Senior Vice President for States, League of Conservation Voters


“As a result of the work we initiated with Creative Ground, the atmosphere among the core staff has completely changed from pre-retreat meetings.  In a recent staff meeting, there was no blame, little complaining, and the attitudes towards one another was respectful.  The meeting was the most productive we’ve ever had. We even focused on generating more revenue and dealing with competition.  I’m amazed.”  

–Paul Wilkinson, Director of Golf, Seattle Parks & Recreation


“I was recently involved in a workshop led by Creative Ground to explore and clarify the vision for a projected revitalization of a downtown city center.  I was one of 70 participants who collectively represented a wide range of age, social, and cultural diversity. I could not imagine how this eclectic gathering could possibly reach a consensus on anything. But to my amazement, the facilitator skillfully led all of us to a higher ground. Through an all-inclusive, hands-on process of literally giving form to our visions, the outcome was astounding. Supported by her guidance and mentorship, we were all amazed at the cohesiveness of vision that was expressed.”

–Keith Frederick, The Art of Design


“We are now all actively practicing many of the teachings from the retreat and we have a steering committee in place that is charged up and working together in ways that seemed near impossible before we met.  I see people taking time to really open their minds and recognize that they have an opportunity to change how they respond to the situation.  I feel we are all using more of our brain and working on challenging ourselves to be more creative.”

–Olwyn Palmer, MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions


“Lisa Fitzhugh demonstrates a remarkable vision about change that needs to occur. She combines that vision with a keen sense for the creative political strategy needed to organize community and engage political leaders, and she has the communication and inter-personal skills to help people work together on very complex projects.  Over the past 30 years, as a city councilmember, a judge and project director and funder working with over 20 youth-serving non-profit organizations in King County, I can think of few people that I would recommend as highly.”

–Jim Street, previously Seattle City Councilmember and District Court Judge


“Lisa Fitzhugh, as a workshop and keynote speaker, is inspiring, dynamic, and authentic — yet, having said that, she is so much more. Highly organized, thoughtful, and flexible, she connects with people in powerful ways, never wavering from her values. Lisa sows seeds for change that resonant long after she’s left the room. She cultivates individual thinking about the tremendous impact that creative thinking, persistence, and letting go of your own fears can have on a single person or to grow a more compassionate society. Whether her topic is arts education, creative habits of mind, or integrating spirit and soul into a community, she is a unique and significant speaker.”

–Sarah Davis, Executive Director, Johnson City Arts Council


“As a business and organizational strategist I have had the opportunity to see many professional facilitators in action. Lisa is a standout! Her style with a group reflects an impeccable balance between sensitivity and laser focus. The result is to give the participants access to their own creativity in a way that allows the group to develop a profound sense of strategic vision for the organization.”

–Gary Wenet, Ph.D., Executive Management consultant


“Lisa possesses both instinct and skills for helping organizations articulate a grand vision, then figuring out how to live the vision every day.  As a result, after working with Lisa for the past year two years, I feel both more inspired and more productive as a leader.  And her communications advice is spot-on, both for near-term reactive situations and long-term strategic communications.  Lisa is be a gem, a true asset, to any nonprofit organization.”

Laura Kohn, previously Executive Director, New School Foundation



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