Ever since the election I’ve felt disembodied.  It’s like my brain and my body are not in radio contact.  Last week when I couldn’t find my keys, I finally found them on top of the yogurt in the refrigerator.  After a contentious work meeting, I left a journal filled with […]

Humans have been organizing themselves since the dawn of time, starting as packs, just like wolves or street gangs.  But we’ve evolved, thankfully, and so has our organizing.  Frederic Laloux elegantly traces the history of this parallel–between human consciousness and that of the organizations we’ve formed–in his 2013 book Reinventing […]

People ask me all the time, “so…are you an artist?” And these days I say, “I am, because I live a creative life.”  I used to stutter my way through it.  It almost sounds awkward as I write it.  But I’ve become more confident, and it’s this creative life that’s […]

A sophomore from Duke called me this week and asked if she could interview me for a mock newspaper article she was writing for a public policy class.  I’d met with her a few times this summer as part of a program for students interning at various Seattle non-profits. Now […]

Staggering around Rome over the holidays, trying to find any cognitive through line, and then maybe a stable emotion or two in the aftermath of a 24-hour travel day, I blurted out to no one in particular, “what the hell am I doing here??” Four months earlier I’d made a […]

Power.  In the evolutionary chapter we find ourselves in, power and the struggle to embody it in ways that are life affirming, not hurtful or harmful to others, remains the essential struggle. We see macro power struggles played out in the world around us. Through the debilitating inequities of power […]

Big….Stuff….Is…..Happening.  All round us.  Inside us.  Right next door.   Up and down the east coast.  Across the globe.  And it’s moving into the realm of “beyond description.” Our first response, our first perception, is almost always reactive and fearful.  Unbelievable, we say.  Scary, horrible, tragic, mind-numbing.  Because the “stuff” that […]

Spurred on by my good friend Andrea Hiott who started the magazine Pulse in Berlin, I wrote a piece for an edition on money.  I struggled to write for a while, because my relationship to money has been so, well, tortured.  So I found it easier just to interview myself […]

I seem to recall always questioning “the way things are.”  Hearing an uncle, or was it my grandfather, explain reality to me as if it were carved in stone, immediately prompted a question.  The problem was their explanation of reality didn’t match my experience of the world.  And so, because […]