Creative Ground presented on creativity as part of a series the company was hosting on creativity and innovation.

Art With Heart

Creative Ground supported both staff and board to imagine a more explicit long-term objective to deepen the impact of Art with Heart’s work and effect more systemic change in how we deal with trauma throughout the US and internationally.  Creative Ground also provided 1:1 mentoring for its executive director to leverage her leadership potential.

Austin Foundation

Through a collective visioning process, Creative Ground supported the Austin Foundation to imagine a world where health and wellness programs for young people are integrated into the systems that hold them.  The organization aspires to transform from a “stop-gap” program to a self-sustaining consulting business for health and wellness.

Bertschi School

Lisa kicked-off Bertschi School’s Board of Directors Retreat to launch their 2013-14 school year.  The workshop focused on how to develop a creative culture among the members of the Board to reflect the mission of the organization to cultivate creative, compassionate and confident global learners.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

To support the development and cohesion of a newly formed team, Creative Ground designed and facilitated a “Master Class” on creativity and growing team excellence.  The class involved learning more about the brain, its assets and liabilities, and tools for accessing more of its potential to leverage greater impact on behalf of the Foundation’s mission.

Children’s Music Foundation

Creative Ground facilitated a creative visioning process for the Foundation to set a clear goal for systemic change in public education.

Federation of State Conservation Voter Leagues

Creative Ground designed and facilitated a series of staff retreats and offered individual leadership coaching to all staff as part of an effort to challenge old perceptions, develop an expanded repertoire of creative communication tools and recalibrate their team dynamic to find a new level of excellence in programmatic reach and effectiveness.

League of Conservation Voters/Education Fund

To understand the impacts of a new structure and strategy for supporting state leagues around the country, the League of Conservation Voters asked Creative Ground to conduct extensive interviews with state leadership to assess successes, challenges and recommendations for taking the organization’s political power to the next level.

Richard Hugo House

The Hugo House sought to start a conversation with its internal partner, ZAPP, stewards of an original and expanding collection of zines.  The conversation needed to focus on the future and how ZAPP might grow beyond the auspices of the Hugo House.  We facilitated two meetings designed to create a safer space for community members to bring all their concerns forward and imagine their creative work beyond ZAPP’s current confines.

Johnson City Arts Council

Supporting the Arts Council’s annual conference for arts educators from across a tri-state region, Creative Ground has presented as their keynote speaker two times and has advised them on developing an indigenous version of Arts Corps for their region, serving low-income communities.

King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks and King County-Seattle Public Health

In preparation for a long-term, multi-agency collaboration to prepare for and implement an optimal clean-up plan for the Lower Duwamish Superfund site, KCDNRP and Seattle-King County Public Health asked Creative Ground to design and facilitate a process to build more trust and fluid communications among the key staff from both agencies.

King County Department of Transportation, Transit Division

Creative Ground is working with a variety of groups within Vehicle Maintenance to develop new ground rules for working together and creating a new workplace culture.  We are also providing 1:1 leadership coaching and support to a variety of individuals at several levels in the Division.

King County Human Resources Division

Creative Ground is supporting a small group within the County Executive policy staff to bridge past differences, develop new working agreements and clarify roles/responsibilities for a new planning section within the budget office.

Lakeside School

Lisa presented to the Lakeside School community an comprehensive overview of “why creativity” as well as how to cultivate our creative genius at whatever our age.

MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions

Creative Ground supported management’s vision to build group cohesion as well as develop staff’s capacities for creativity and innovation by integrating several elements of creative practice into their two-day, off-site retreat.

Millersville University

As part of a series of symposia on the arts and culture, Lisa provided the keynote presentation on harnessing creativity for transformation.  She also conducted several workshops with students and faculty as part of a small residency on creativity at the University.

Real Change

Real Change invited Creative Ground to refuel and renew their core staff through a day of creative practice.  They successfully unpacked several “stuck” places, embraced individual accountability, and imagined a new way to work together.


PlexiPixel invited Creative Ground to work with their staff to draw out individual strengths, imagine a new way to work together and bring everyone into closer alignment with the agency’s vision. Creative Ground provided 1:1 executive mentoring to support its leadership with the tools to facilitate a parallel change within their teams.

Seattle Center Facilities Management

We supported a small facilities maintenance crew inside of Seattle Center to regrow the culture of their team from the inside out.  The work involved a series of workshops with the crew and will expand to include more senior management to reinforce and support the needs of the crew going forward.

Seattle Center McCaw Hall

Creative Ground is facilitating a 6-month process to build greater trust, cohesion and collaboration among the facility’s leadership team for optimal performance and a healthier workplace culture where all can thrive.

Seattle Center Redevelopment Office

Creative Ground is supporting a process to for every member of this team to learn more about what they need to do their best work and how they can bring that learning forward to create a more cohesive team.

Seattle City Employees Retirement System (SCERS)

Following a significant leadership transition, SCERS invited Creative Ground to design and facilitate a strategic planning process and integrate it with a longer-term culture change process to support the entire SCERS staff to grow a more trusting, transparent, and innovative culture and deliver most effectively on their mission.

Seattle Northwest Securities Corporation, Public Finance Division

To expand the staff’s communications skills and cohesion as a team, Creative Ground facilitated a half-day workshop and introduced several new creative practice tools for this Public Finance Division to implement both personally and professionally.

Seattle Parks, Citywide Athletics

Creative Ground helped this team recalibrate their internal dynamics using creative practice as a foundation for expanded awareness and new perceptions as well as develop some new, more practical agreements for how they were going to work together on a day-to-day basis.

Seattle Parks, Executive Leadership Team

Creative Ground designed and facilitated a full retreat for this leadership group to expand their capacities for leadership and innovation in extremely challenging economic times.

Seattle Parks, Environmental Learning Centers

A sequence of reorganizations and a fractured staff dynamic prompted Parks management to invest in staff renewal, coaching, a day-long retreat, and ongoing facilitation to achieve a collective vision for the Centers.

Seattle Parks, Plumbing Crew

Creative Ground conducted a 6-month process to support a shared leadership model and a new, more vibrant culture inside the plumbing crew of the Seattle Parks Division.

Seattle Parks, Recreation Division

To address the fragmentation and low morale in the division, Creative Ground has conducted extensive research with staff and designed several, unique all-day retreats, supporting the specific needs and aspirations of each group.

Seattle Parks, Amy Yee Tennis Center

In response to increasing competition with private tennis facilities and a need for more staff cohesion, Creative Ground provided individual staff coaching and an all-day staff retreat to activate a stronger dynamic among the core Tennis Center team.


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