Creative Ground is a Seattle-based consulting group that develops and enhances cultural health in workplaces and in community life. 

Cultural Health.  Workplace culture affects every aspect of our work experience.  From the quality of our relationships and our sense of personal power to our ability to deliver collaboratively on our shared mission – the ways we work together matter.  Toxic cultures are debilitating to anyone working in them, while healthy ones support every member to thrive.

Supporting Our Values.  We focus our work in the public and non-profit sectors, the largest caretakers of our “commons.”   It’s our roads, transit systems, schools, utilities, parks and community centers that are uniquely designed as accessible to all, regardless of income.  Yet the cultural health of our public sector hangs in the balance and threatens the equity of this shared system.

Creative Ground convenes a faculty of strategic partners who combine their skills, depending on the needs of a project.  Our expertise includes:

  • Diagnosing cultural dynamics
  • Designing and implementing short-and long-term culture change processes
  • Making room for the qualitative in a quantitative world
  • Transforming conflict into “learning labs” for collaboration
  • Conducting personal development and strategic coaching
  • Elevating the engagement index for every member of a team
  • Supporting teams to harness group intelligence for innovation
  • Providing facilitation for workshops, trainings and planning sessions

In all of our projects, we follow an emergent curriculum that integrates training in:

  •       Crucial conversations
  •       Non-violent communications
  •       Reflective practice
  •       Current brain science
  •       Enneagram assessment
  •       Creative habits practice
  •       Adaptive leadership resources
  •       360 Performance Reviews
  •       Dynamic facilitation 

From our work together, clients access:

  • Innate creative intelligence and power
  • New skills to collaborate with others and gracefully navigate change
  • More authentic, dynamic and cohesive teams and workplace cultures

Our Creative Ground.  Our work is synonymous to creating fertile ground for plants to grow.  Understanding the nature of the container, the nutrients of the soil, adequate water, and the alchemy of photosynthesis, our teams create the conditions for creativity to flourish in all of us.   A robust creative practice leads unfailingly to unshakeable personal confidence—wherein we know and trust ourselves first in any circumstance.

Embedded deep in our souls
Is some celestial purpose
When not faithfully born at heart
A tempest will arise

–from “Purpose” by Evelyn Callahan

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