Seattle Center’s McCaw Hall

Over the last ten years since the opening of McCaw Hall, staff for the building have achieved remarkable financial goals and a stable operating structure.  The cultural health of the staff, however, was fractured after years of neglect by management to equity considerations and other unmet staff needs.  There were almost no opportunities for a more empowering, distributed leadership model.  Creative Ground was asked to facilitate a process to support a new dynamic among staff with new organizing principles.  Over a year’s  time, every member of the group has embraced new leadership capacities and asked for a new management structure to better support a shared leadership paradigm moving forward.

“Creative Ground triggered major change in our team by providing a safe place and encouraging honest discussion without destruction judgment.  We felt heard and it gave us the courage to acknowledge our own voice in a manner that was constructive to the team as well as to us as individuals.  You helped us remember we all have something to contribute.  We all have value.  We all have the same goals in mind.  Further, we all have a voice in whatever success we realize.  We so appreciate your help in putting us all back on a track that is not only successful but filled with continual learning, openness and fun.”

–Michael Lowe, McCaw Hall Facility Lead

“The work we did with Creative Ground brought our team together in a way I didn’t think was possible.  We practiced having “difficult conversations” and we gained a new appreciation and trust for our fellow co-workers.  I was able to apply these learnings to my personal life and feel that I am a better communicator because of the work we did.”

–Ryan Davis, McCaw Hall Senior Event Sales Manager



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