Retreats for Renewal and Transformation

Creative Ground has been leading more intensive, focused retreats for several years. Our intensive courses are thoughtfully designed, leadership training experiences that unfold like magical mystery tours.  We create a unique space for you to dig deep – and emerge holding an authentic sense of purpose and power that will support you to live from more “wholeness” in all areas of your life.

Locally we partner with the Whidbey Institute to host small groups for 3-4 days for intentional soul work and personal transformation.  We also facilitate week-long retreats on the island of Moloka’i in Hawai’i.  There we partner with Zelie Duvauchelle and Lucia Maya whose deep indigenous wisdom and blend of healing practices bring the work to a whole new level.  If this kind of work calls to you, let us know and we will be sure to include you in upcoming events as they are scheduled.

“I met Lisa shortly before coming to the retreat.  She took me in with a respect and reverence that speaks of her own grounding and belief in the human spirit.  She can address our vulnerable and powerful selves with enough humility that laughter is never far from tears, and she leads us as an equal companion on the journey.”

–Christina Cramer

“Lisa creates a sacred space of trust, listening and reconnection to our deepest selves.  She balances group discussions with creative activities and provides time for silence, walking in nature and reflection.  I am in a major life transition and Lisa’s retreat grounded me in who I am and opened up possibilities for the next steps in my life journey.  I am so grateful for her wisdom, grace and guidance, and for my new friends among the participants.”

–Linda Filley Bentler

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