Service-Oriented Individuals

Some of the most empowering work we do is with individuals, learning together one-on-one. Each of us is uniquely designed through our DNA, and the environments that have shaped our genetic expression, to bring forth a particular purpose and creative expression in the world.  We can layer behaviors, beliefs and ill-fitting masks over this uniqueness for quite some time until it’s just too uncomfortable and our genius eventually wants out.  We bring a sizable toolkit of resources and practices of all kinds, depending on what a client is most aligned with, to support his or her own journey.

“As a thirty-year employee and seasoned director of a large public sector organization, I feel the need to stay fresh and relevant in my role.  Concurrently, I am motivated to explore what else is out there for me beyond the day job.  My work with Creative Ground has helped me with both paths: I am relearning what my role as a leader is all about, vulnerabilities and all, and how that can support the leadership of everyone around me; and I am reconnecting with who I am and what is truly important.  It is hard work, the journey is fascinating, and I love it.”

—Director, Department within Regional Government, WA State

For those who are ready for a much deeper dive, we recommend considering the Gene Keys Golden Path Program, articulated by Richard Rudd.  The Gene Keys is a comprehensive understanding of human development and it represents an integration and evolution of the primary wisdom traditions.  It’s an unparalleled launch pad with very precise healing, refueling and focusing capacities.  If this description resonates at any level, we invite you to consider working with it, either on your own or with our support.  Whatever path you take, this work of “feeding genius” is bound to open up new worlds in and around you. 



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