EllaheadshotStorytelling can help organizations navigate change, unleash our imaginations and bring new ideas to old problems. Ella combines almost 20 years of experience in progressive politics with the power of stories to offer skilled facilitation, transformative workshops, staff retreats and individual coaching and consultation.

Ella started her career in progressive change as field director for Jay Inslee’s underdog Congressional win in 1998. Since then, she has worked as a staff or consultant for dozens of progressive campaigns and issues. Her clients have included Climate Solutions, Progress Michigan, Teamsters Local 117, the Washington State Federation of Employees, the Washington State House Democrats, Wisconsin Progress and many others. She has presented to national convenings of progressive funders at the Rockefeller Center and the Ford Foundation and is a recommended narrative consultant for the American Values Project.

Ella is a West coaster, with roots in Arizona, the Bay Area and the Pacific Northwest. She has served her community on the board of Washington Environmental Council and Pathfinder K8 PTSA, as well as teaching in her earth-based spiritual tradition. She holds a B.A. from the Evergreen State College.

Contact:  ellastoryworks@gmail.com

“Wow.  The feedback from the retreat has been absolutely astounding.  I have never seen the like.  It appears to have been a genuinely moving experience for our folks.  The mandate of forging deeper/new connections to each other, to the institution, and to the cause appears to have been fulfilled, in spades.  Astoundingly good work! “

–Andreas Merkl, CEO, Ocean Conservancy.

“Ella solves problems. We’ve succeeded in large part because of Ella’s talent, and because she listens to the people around her, so that the project has buy-in and intelligence from the whole community. All with a fraction of the budget that other projects have spent. Since then, she has demonstrated creativity and inventiveness, working with our team to respond to the challenges of actually implementing the narrative. I give Ella my highest recommendation.”

— Sarah Jaynes, Executive Director, Progress Alliance of Washington

“Ella brought a courageous, outside-the-box approach to our toughest problems, all while keeping her eyes on our ultimate goal. In short, Ella is a brave and audacious thinker who does not constrain herself with the usual way things are done. She would be invaluable to any team that could use new ideas, new content, and new ways to look at old problems.”

— Sara Kiesler, Communications Director, Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest

“I learned that there is a threshold that we can walk through, and that if we are willing to examine our breakdowns and do the work, we can transform ourselves.  Not only can we, but we must.  Ella is qualified and confident but also open and real. She is made for this work.”

Christie Angelo, Participant, The Alchemy of Your Initiation Story



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